Data Management & Policy

Data Management

Call for data reporting will be announced annaully through the coordinator. All participating sites must follow the study protocol and use the available templates for data submission. Data is collected in xls files to keep raw data format as simple as possible and useable/extractable for many kinds of software in the future as may be needed. Please do not change the templates, add columns or similar! They must be used as they are – otherwise we will not be able to correctly extract your data. When you save the file, please keep the file name but add “_siteID” before the “.xls” Extension. To receive the site ID please contact coordinator. Templates should be sent to Data will be managed by colleagues at the University of Copenhagen.

Data Policy

The data will be published as data paper and collected in a repository database with conditional access, meaning that open processes will be applied where everyone will be notified and asked for the use of their data and with a chance to interfere. Observed trends will be also made publicly visible through the TeaComposition website.


Since the TeaComposition initiative relay on voluntary contributions, all scientist that contributed data will be offered co-authorship for the core papers of the initiative.

For the publication deriving from subset of data, only contributing authors will receive the co-authorship. This means that site data can be used by others without automatically leading to co-authorship rights accepting that co-authorship requires academic and scientific input that is not fulfilled by contributing data alone. We will adopt the same data policies as used in other global networks (ILTER, NutNet, Drought-Net etc.) and follow the Vancouver guidelines.

Subset papers should not be in conflict with the main questions of TeaComposition initiative. Therefore, if you wish to use data or samples, a storyline should be submitted through the TeaComposition website and to the coordinator for general review one month prior to manuscript preparation. Interested parties will receive data but without a support in their analyses – unless it was agreed so. If the manuscript writing is delegated to a graduate student, a senior scientis should be avilable to support the work. Manuscript should be published in agreed time, if not- data should be send back.


Please use the following as one of your keywords on submitted manuscripts, so that TeaComposition initiative work is easily indexed and searchable: “TeaComposition initiative”


The standard reference of TeaComposition initiative should be cited in the methods section of any product that involves the datasets. The use of data for publications or presentation, courses etc., should be recognized as follows: “Data were made available through the TeaComposition initiative”.


Please use this text in the acknowledgments of TeaComposition manuscripts:

This work was performed using data from the TeaComposition initiative (, funded at the site-scale by individual researchers. Coordination work has been supported by ILTER Initiative Grant, and Cost action ClimMani Short-Term Scientific Missions Grant (ES1308). We also thank UNILEVER for sponsoring Lipton tea bags as well as University of Copenhagen for hosting initiative data and core-group meetings.