Data Management

All participating sites must follow the study protocol and use the available templates for data submission. Data will be managed by colleagues at the University of Copenhagen.


General remark for reporting data

Data is collected in xls files to keep raw data format as simple as possible and useable/extractable for many kinds of software in the future as may be needed. We ask for climate data on daily resolution if available, alternatively monthly resolution. If you do not have climate data measured at the site, please, if possible, provide data from the nearest weather station available. This can be indicated in the template files.


  1. Please do not change the templates, add columns or similar! They must be used as they are – otherwise we will not be able to correctly extract your data.
  2. Please edit only the green marked rows.
  3. When you save the file, please keep the file name but add “_siteID” before the “.xls” extension. In each template file, the first data line includes an example. Just leave this in and add your data in the rows below. If you do not have data for a parameter, you just leave the cell empty – alternatively use “NA” for missing data.
  4. To receive the site ID please
  5. If you provide daily climate data you do not have to fill in the monthly climate data template.
  6. Templates should be sent to