Coordination Team

The Teacomposition initiative is led by an international group of scientists with long experience in observational and experimental biogeochemical studies. The key tasks of the TeaComposition coordination are:

  • Strategic and conceptual development of the initiative
  • Scientific coordination and guidance for implementation of the decomposition study
  • Communication with initiative members as well as public
  • Coordination of and /or participation at TeaComposition-related research projects
  • Building and consolidating interface to other networks and programs in the areas of global ecological research
  • Data checks, data analysis, and standardization of analytical procedure
  • Web development


Ika Djukic, WSL
+43 -1 31304-3432
Inger Kappel Schmidt, University of Copenhagen
+45 35331668
Sebastian Kepfer Rojas, University of Copenhagen
+45 35334843
Klaus Steenberg-Larsen, University of Copenhagen
+45 35337654
Claus Beier, University of Copenhagen
+45 35334233
Kris Verheyen, University of Gent
+32-0 92649027
Björn Berg, University of Helsinki

Scientific advisors

Frank Hagedorn, WSL
+41 447392463
Nico Eisenhauer, iDIV
+49 3419733167
Jari Liski, Finnish Meteorological Institute
Harald Pauli, Austrian Academy of Science
+43-1 47654-83160
Per Gundersen, University of Copenhagen
Knute Nadelhofer, University of Michigan