Tea Supply

The TeaComposition studies are crucially dependent on the use of the same tea types at all sites. This is because different tea typs and even different batches of the same tea may contain different substrate characteristics that may affect the rate of decomposition. The use of different tea types or different batches may therefore compromise the results.


UNILEVER has made the tea bags available for The TeaComposition initiative, which therefore provides the tea bags for the incubation. The ordering must be organized and negotiated with the coordinator Ika Djukic in order to assure the right number of the two tea types, which are being incubated in parallel.


If for some reason you need to order the tea yourself directly from a dealer of Lipton Tea, the Tea Bag method uses 2 types of tea bags from Lipton:

  • Green Tea (EAN no.: 8 722700 055525) ingredients are: Tea 89%, Flavouring 9.3%, rose Petals 1%
  • Rooibos Tea (EAN no.: 8 722700 188438) ingredients are: Rooibos sud-africain 93%, arome hibiscus1%


The bags can be ordered from dutchsupermarket.com (use the EAN no. when ordering).

Green tea: https://www.dutchsupermarket.com/en/lipton-green-tea-sencha.html

Rooibos tea: https://www.dutchsupermarket.com/en/lipton-rooibos-tea.html

CAVE: Please note that Lipton has changed the fabric of the bags while the tea inside has remained the same. In case you have collected data with the “new” tea bag, please indicate it.