Register Site

Existing sites

Existing sites should register their sites with basic site information.

You can find registration forms here


[Site Registration Forms]


We would like to encourage you to use LTER-DEIMS repository, which is the LTER website and database tool.


For all LTER sites

Please go to DEIMS (insert link and use your credentials to log in and update your site records.

In the field “Keywords originating from EnvEurope Thesaurus” add “TeaComposition” as a keyword and upload additional images.


All Non-LTER sites

Go to DEIMS Tutorial  (insert link

Login information is:

UserName: Teabag

Password: ?Teabag64

In the field “LTER national network” please select “Non-LTER”


Please have a look at the tutorials section to get information about how to use DEIMS:


If you have any questions about how to use DEIMS that are not covered in the tutorials, please use the “Provide Feedback” button on DEIMS to get in touch with the technical support.


Want to join – Why Join?

In general the quality and value of the TeaComposition dataset increases with the number of sites being involved. Also, the value of the data from a given site will gain significantly by being put into context of the large TeaComposition network.


TeaComposition therefore welcomes new sites to participate. For the sake of optimizing resources, single sites will benefit from teaming up with other groups/sites to form a network.


In order to register, please contact the coordinator of TeaComposition, Ika Djukic (